What people have to say

“Thank you so much! I have had so many people tell me they wanted to attend your session, but couldn’t because it was already full. Hopefully, you will come back next year and we will have a much bigger room for you!”

~Helen Scheidt

Educational conference presenter

I recently had the privilege of attending Serena Pariser’s ‘Character Matters at Gompers Prep!’ workshop at the 18th Annual USD Character Education Conference. First and foremost, I was very impressed with what Ms. Pariser has actually accomplished in her own classroom, with her students. She is in a low economic and under performing area of town, and through her character education program, she was able to transform her classroom from difficult and disrespectful, to eager, respectful, curious and engaged students. There is a reason she has been named Teacher of the Year! In this workshop, Ms. Pariser showed us how one could bring this kind of character education into our own classrooms. Her presentation was inspiring and engaging, with lots of hands-on activities that helped us really ‘get’ what she was teaching. Indeed, by the end of the workshop, I was truly emotionally moved by the things I had seen she had accomplished with her own students using these concepts. I highly recommend attending her workshops!

Carla Gerstein

Founder of Education Transformations, Former Vice Principal of Integral Elementary School

In this class we share our thoughts, comments, and opinions because we ALL have something important to say.”

~8th grade student

“Thank you for having me in your class this year. You are my hero. You rescued me from having a very shy and lonely life. You have inspired me to be creative and open-minded.  You helped me overcome my fears and taught me that fear is just an option, only danger is real. A teacher that has that ability to change a 14 year old’s life is a very rare gift and I’m very grateful for having an inspirational teacher/motivator/hero in my lifetime. Thank you very much.”

~8th grade student

I love the way you teach us. Your class always made my day.”

~8th grade student

“She [Serena Pariser] is a class act! She strives to push the students beyond what they think they can do and she is successful. She is a dedicated professional with a great deal of integrity.”

~Linda Mello

2012-2013 Teacher of the Year, Golden Hill Elementary

“I looked forward to coming to your class everyday.”

~9th grade student

This is the best period I had. I would be excited to come to 5th period.”

~8th grade student

You are truly an inspiration to me and to be one of your students was an honor.”

~9th grade student

“Ms. Pariser, I could use two pieces of paper to explain my gratitude. I think I grew the most in this class because I got to be myself, not a boring person in the back. School is full of struggles and coming to this class and not feeling bored and unwanted wasn’t. Thank you for being who you are.”

~8th grade student