Video Clips

I had a great time leading a workshop at the Character Matters Conference at University of San Diego in June 2014. Teachers, staff, and administrators from all over the country come together every year in San Diego to discuss the importance and how-to of teaching character development in the classroom and schools. Here we’re discussing the importance of empowering the student to build more responsible citizens. The teachers and administrators were very involved in the conversation.

Here is another short clip where I show how change is possible in our educational system.

This is another clip where I discuss the importance of giving students multiple opportunities to practice good character rather than just teach it.  Changing one word can make a huge difference.

This is a clip where I explain how any teacher can start small when implementing character development into your curriculum. Anybody can do it!

Here’s one last clip of my workshop at the Character Matters Conference. I’m showing how to implement character development without using up any more class time and to make your lessons powerful, engaging, and relevant to the real world.